Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The cosmos

Politicians should be required to own a telescope; to simply gaze out into the universe and find a vast, infinite world floating above their seemingly large heads- 
to come to a full halt once the eye meets the lense and realize that we were once, only, a small particle of energy emitted from the very explosion of the stars in our sky that now inhabit our anatomy.

If that's not enough to be perplexed by ones very existence, which would soon lead to the revelation that everything upheld as "virtuous" and "meaningful" in present-day society such as power, war, beauty, consumerism and paper currency are nothing more than deceitful illusions filled with ignorance and impending suffer.
If this illusion is not understood, truly, then we are denying the soul of its fullest potential; unworthy of such opportunity. Arrogance and Pride deserve no room to govern in the house of honest people 
Only righteous men and women come to know, the eternal truth through the cosmos, from telescope to soul.