Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stuck inside of a snow storm
in this quaint little house
where my father lay sleeping
and my mother weeping
of the things she never had.

Maybe I'll be home soon
once this snow shall pass,
and the things I took for granted of
will linger on alas.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stuck inside of a snow storm

Mother Nature has decided to keep me in Connecticut for a few more days by sending the entire North East coast a snow storm. Apparently, this is one of the worst storms in years. Winds gushing 50 mph... I can't even step out to build a snowman. I'm sort of ready to come home now, but I obviously don't want to die on an airplane so I'll continue my relaxing vacation a little longer.
The holidays were happy, and crazy as usual. Family=dysfunctional/loud/strange/ahhhhhhh!! I wouldn't have missed it for the world though. I know I'm going to miss my mom and dad once I get back to Texas. It'll be hard, but I always make it through somehow.
2011 is creeping up on all of us. I have no New Years Resolutions as of right now, but I know I need to work on a few things within myself like my negative attitude, constant complaining, ungratefulness, bitchiness, and so forth.... This year was one of the best years of my life. I went back to college first of all, in which I ended up making straight A's every semester except the Summer. I moved into a wonderful house with wonderful ladies in a wonderful little town, but before that I shared great memories with the Bright One in the Hills at the duplex. I have beautiful friends, and an alright job in which I get to make kids smile all day or try to at least.
Every year comes with the good and the bad, but this year the good has surpressed the bad by far, and for that I am so very happy.
My only wish is that next year is as good as this year has been. Not just for myself, but for everyone else in this special life.