Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stuck inside of a snow storm
in this quaint little house
where my father lay sleeping
and my mother weeping
of the things she never had.

Maybe I'll be home soon
once this snow shall pass,
and the things I took for granted of
will linger on alas.

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Amy Arnaz said...

I read your WHOLE blog. I LOVE many of the photos. But I feel an overwhelming sense of melancholy from your posts. Cheer up! YOU are where YOU are right now because of decisions YOU made. We all are. So BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED. Love life. Work hard. Drop regret. Go visit Oregon if you want to. Work towards a cottage where you can have two cats in the yard. But most of all ~ Be Good and keep your eyes UPWARD. Now is New. xoxo Grandma