Monday, November 21, 2011

Nightfall to sunrise
we sail like maniacs across the sky
with red glares from the whiskey caught in our eyes
we become sonnets casted onto thin lines
but, the fisherman never found no fish in the sea
they just found you
and then they found me
on a distant moon or inside a dark room
there's your hand and then there's mine

Nightfall to sunrise all of the time
Nightfall to sunrise-
I never mind

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh Dear. Oh My.

What ever happened to the backbone of the beating hearts?
Was it betrayal & anguish that stole away our lives
or just curiosity that killed the cats in our minds?
And all of the time we will wonder . . .
All of the time we wonder why.

Monday, November 14, 2011

"But let no one reveal the world to us, for we acquire
oblivion, nothing but dreams of air,
and all that's left is an aftertaste of blood and dust
on the tongue: we swallow the memory
with wine and beer, so far, far from all that,
from the mother, from the land of our lives. "

- Pablo Neruda

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Babalu at Midnight

I wanna go dancing, dancing, dancing
with Babalu in black and white.
I wanna float downstream across the moonlight.
He's always dancing, dancing in black and white-
bongo in hand; black cuban eyes.

Watch us go dancing in to paradise
before morning comes
to steal the night.

The things they've said about midnight are true
the shaping of the human mind into two.
Oh, the things it can do to me and you.
The things it does to Babalu.

I wanna go dancing, dancing, dancing
in black and white
underneath the florescent spotlights.
With his bongo in hand and dark cuban eyes
resembling something I found inside.

Let's keep dancing, Babalu, in our black and white stripes
until Time becomes the villain to steal away the night.
We'll smile towards each other and wave goodbye

This is Babalu and I at midnight.