Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Circus Show

Society is a mutated circus show
Organized by fungus eating clowns in black suits
With crazed yellow eyes that lull
The sheep-ly masses to sleep.
Even in great slumber, their hypnosis depletes me-
Sickens me like a sour toungue in flames
I am left baffled and rotting,
Like the smell of oxygen on Wall Street
My heart is drenched in gasoline.

I can hear children in ancient Navajo weeping
They weep for my country,
Like cold, wet dogs howling in the rain
Deserted, forsaken are they
Gazing down upon Gaia
With memories of a lush green landscape
Now encompassed with fear
And drones--border patrol,
Chem-trail air and cardboard dwellings built for those
Who’ve become too afraid to walk away,
Escape the circus show.