Tuesday, October 18, 2011

From 2008 :

Sunday sets sail and we say, "away we go"

Stay far from the faces that break us
pounded by the fear of our days.

We lay sleeping in the stars and glance from afar
not knowing what's coming up behind us 

or running through the corners on some cracks
that don't have any meaning anymore.

The sad ones, the bad ones, the ones you call ill

steal and kill for their next meal to feel
but feelings for them are scattered,
bashed and tamed to not be real.

I weep for them.

I do pity the sorrow that is on my shoulder as I type.

Right now I could be elsewhere.

My shoulders would lift this heavy weight
and no longer will I see or hear the words spoken from a lonesome man
that I long for in the wee hours of the morning,
of the night,
and even in my dreams he lays-

but Sunday sets sail and we stay far away

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