Tuesday, December 6, 2011

That's not true because I don't always win
I reciprocate, bounce back from
(and then)
I see the light of day in a distant facade
where one meets one and two stays the same
I become blue; very unified with the moon
and its everlasting (or so they say)
the whimsical feet on the streets that play
for the children who sang in rejoice on sunday
for sunday
for sunday
but somehow I fell into today
(a daze) it might have been, I say
I tripped and lost my eyes
and my, I couldn't speak about the things
you said last night
but, we keep on keepin' on
bounce back from
(until then)
the earth begins to tremble,
but be reminded we are not weak
we are all just trembling
to the things that we think.

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