Sunday, November 18, 2012

For whomever may read this in the future after I am dead

It is November 19th, 2012
We live in a time where crime
is full of tricks and gamblers
blood and bricks
the same bricks that build houses,
but houses for many here
are no longer homes but rather dwellings
inhabited for those who
carry their bones to and from jobs they hate
and higher educational institutions as of late-
and oh how we strive to be better,
always trying to keep up with the weather
wondering whether or not at any minute
we will rot with the trees
Yes! We still have the trees, thank god
but who knows for how long
every time we turn the corner
there's a sign for a new building in order
We know that buildings don't make us happy,
but they do build jobs and success
so we can continue living in this mindless nonsense-
so we can continue making a dollar
to build new picket fences
or buy our dogs a pretty collar
And all the while longer
we waddle in our pride that
sucks us deeper towards the puddle
that to many is filled with grime and goblets of fire,
but I'm really striving to not be sour here
I really want to waken in the morning hour
and smell the flowers
to smell as if I've never seen one before-
to walk out the door
and take in the beauty
of nature, strangers
and friends
I want to look destruction in the eye
and create a new life for myself in spite of
tyranny and lies-
What lies here today has lied here before-
just a little more electronic and
technological I would say-
I dream of simpler times in 2012,
Future, what do you dream of?

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