Thursday, February 28, 2013




Human beings in this society have been programmed for so long to be self sufficient, success driven, independent individuals that we no longer find it strange to sit alone in a room full of people and say nothing. Whether it's on the subway, a train, the doctors office or an elevator, we are always alone. We are content with keeping to ourselves. We have been programmed for so long that we forgot to notice how alienated we truly are.
We have just been too busy being busy.

We have become a society propelled by green pieces of paper that fuel our lives and constitute our souls. A society that's constantly striving to be perfect, look perfect-to be better than the ones who have less. A society that no longer acknowledges our neighbors next door or on the street due to fear of what they might think or do to us. A society that defines people by their profits and not their hearts. A society that finds it more appealing to build on nature and protect it less and these 'buildings' marked with logos after logos after logos have become the definition of America's scenery-the landscape of our time.

A scenery that I have to encounter every day on my long walks to school and drives to work. A scenery that makes me feel nostalgic. Sometimes filthy-
A scenery that says something about our country, in that we value possessions and objects more than trees, rivers, rain and truth.

I guess I am just turning sour against it all, I am resisting. I want to fight- Why don't I fight?
but tomorrow will come,
and again,
I will be too busy trying to keep up with the pace of the world, to give notice-

These short moments of silence I share with myself before bed is the only time
when these troubling thoughts of mine become not so troubling but rather transparent:
that what I truly want and what many of us so desperately need in this country- is to stop being busy. to sit the fuck down. to get more sleep. to throw my alarm clock out the window. forever.
why can't I ? whose stopping me? Why does the alarm clock always win?
To laugh more. to cry less. to like myself more. to hate less. to create something meaningful. to no longer feel meaningless in spite of all this emptiness-

And to step outside one day and see everyone participating in this same joyful experience?
Will be the greatest day of my life
and maybe many more hopeful others

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meredith said...

Truly Beautiful!!!!