Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Thought for today

~We have come to this constant need of acceptance from the internet world of social networking. We have deluded ourselves completely from anything involving simplicity, and what once was considered normal. We are a tiny planet inside a gigantic universe waiting patiently for the next big thing, or the end of it all... I'm not sure.
~We are tiny people wondering cautiously about the cities inside our mechanical cars with our electronic devices providing us with melodies in an attempt to put off the stress of our days. Because all days are the same routines as our yesterdays, we will rarely have a mystery for our tomorrows. Our goodbyes are what make us weep. We will always be saddened by a goodbye that is forever, because we will never know where dead ones go.
~It is all so truthful and clear at times to understand or interpret what this thing called living is all about.... or maybe I'm not living, but maybe dreaming, dying, or sleeping perhaps?

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