Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oh dear, oh dear, what do you fear?

These lectures I hear of World War One
I hardly remember the song they sung
the allies that weeped
the soldiers feet
I hardly remember who they defeat.
Democracy, democracy, never ever aristocracy
the red scare! how dare-we don't belong in there
and the crash that came down on a sad Wall Street day
people lost everything
that's what they say
their millions of fortunes built up from the ground
on a sad Wall Street day
came tumbling down
Hoover cried and cried "oh my oh my"
and looked down at his country with poverty eyes
Then along came Roose with a message for a few
and a New Deal that we will instill
at least he had good intentions and that's how i feel.
Though I don't understand the implications of some
or how our navy went to number one
the fights in the night
the sad children's eyes
it must have been hard
they all surely cried
but some stood afar
hands covered in tar
laughing with tears
wondering what it would be like to live right here.

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