Monday, February 7, 2011

Snowed In

Well, I'm finally back to my regular life. . .
Last Tuesday an ice storm swept down from Canada and had all of North Texas trapped inside for four days. I couldn't believe I had an entire week off from school and work. It was completely unexpected. My roommates and I were amazed day after day with the 5 degree wind chill and school continuing to cancel. Then, on the night of our 3rd snow day, it snowed again! Nothing like Texas weather. All in all, I treated my four days off like a vacation. An unnecessary vacation, but a relaxing one indeed.

the first snow day

Anita and I at our second home The Chatroom.

Maren and I taking a break from face painting at the Wherehouse for the Carnival benefit. Twas a great time! Picture by Casey Holder.

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