Monday, February 28, 2011

Sun Day

Sundays are becoming my most favorite day of the week. These past few Sundays I've encountered have included amazing weather, productiveness, roommate bonding, and fun. Yesterdays Sunday was the top of the tops though, because it really overshadowed my painful Friday and Saturday that I spent with strep throat.
First off, I woke up and decided it was finally time to purchase my 2011 Bonnaroo ticket that I had been contemplating all weekend long. It felt so exhilarating to spend that much money on something that I know will be a one of a kind experience. I'm just anxiously waiting now for June to arrive...
After that, Anita cooked a hearty breakfast for the rest of us that we decided to eat on the front porch with our coffee. We then skipped on down to the flee market to meet up with Rangeley and Katie. In the end, everyone was happy with their purchases from the flee market. The best purchase though was this little tuxedo outfit for Romeo that we made him wear for the Academy Awards.
Back on home we went, and all of us did a little Sunday cleaning and re-decorating to our house, which is always a good feeling. We then treated ourselves to pizza, homemade Sangria, pasta, and cheescake for our very own Oscars party.
We had the best Oscars party on the block; beating out everyone else in the Fairmount neighborhood and in conclusion, we had the most perfect Sunday of all.

Now for some Sunday funday pictures (mostly including Romeo)

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