Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wild leaves are falling
Falling to the ground
Every leaf a moment
A light upon the crown
That we'll all be wearing
In a time unbound
And wild leaves are falling
Falling to the ground
- Patti Smith

I skimmed through my roommate's book by Patti Smith titled "Just Kids" and discovered another great poet... a little late, but nevertheless.
Life is fabulous. Last week was the best week of my existence. My grandma/second mother bought me a brand new car. A 2008 Dodge Caliber to my name. The vehicle I owned before was literally about to crumble into pieces. It was like driving a loaded bullet, ready to fire at any moment; a moment of sweet death. I'm glad we got rid of it and I'm glad I have someone so special in my life to take care of me and be able to buy me nice things when no one else can. I'm a very lucky girl.

(First and last photo by Katie Ruppel. Other two by Isiac Ramirez)

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